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What the Hell is going on at 589?

What the Hell is going on at 589?

We've had a busy year so far and we're thrilled to share our latest updates and news with you! After a lot of work in the background, over the last 6 months, we have made some big moves over here at 589!

Almost 7 years ago, three of us started 589 Fabrication in a 1200 sqft barn, with a concrete floor and no heat. Over the years we added things like heat and insulation, different shelving and racks, etc. However, we still outsourced our cutting and forming to local shops near us, with the dream of bringing things in-house.

This year, we made that dream come true! We have now moved into an 8,000 sqft shop in Brighton, MI. Over the last month, the three of us have installed and trained on a new Laser Cutter and CNC press brake, along with getting set up to Powder Coat here too!

We have finally brought all of our manufacturing under one roof, so we can proudly say "Made in the USA, by us" and it feels good! We absolutely have to thank each and every one of you, our customers. Your support to us has made this dream possible. We also have to thank everyone that has been patient with us during our growing pains. Unforeseen delays and learning curves have put us behind schedule on our pre-orders. However, we are working hard learning the new equipment and getting caught up on all orders. We are planning to be caught up in the next couple of months and have a goal to eliminate all lead times by the end of Q2.


We have a long list of cool new products that we want to launch throughout the year for 19+ Rangers, 15-22 Colorado/Canyon and 23+ Colorado/Canyon. So stay tuned!

We have finished off our first Mini-Fighter Winch Bumper for the 2023 Canyon. We are still working on getting photos of these on trucks, but, here are some photos of one completed!


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