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Tie Rod Sleeves (2015-22 Colorado/Canyon)

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Inner Tie Rods are a known weak area on any vehicle with Independent Front Suspension. The Colorado and Canyon are no exception, especially with the available front Locker on ZR2 models. The added stress of front lockers and bigger tires while off-road make the inner tie rods vulnerable to bending and even breaking, leaving you stuck on the trail. 

Our Tie Rod Sleeves are made from Billet Aluminum that is incredibly strong and light weight. With an overall length of 3.375 inches, they offer the best balance of reinforcement while still allowing access to the factory hex flats on the inner tie rod to maintain adjustability/ease of installation.

ZR2 owners - take advantage of this convenient tool we created to help swap an inner tie rod on the trail, or even in the garage.

  • Fits 2015-22 Colorado and Canyon
  • Come with (2) Tie Rod Sleeves, (1) packet of anti-seize
  • Made from High Strength Billet Aluminum
  • No vehicle modifications required!
  • Made in the USA
  • Designed for off-road use only. Use at your own risk
  • Inventory Status - In Stock
  • Installation Instructions